Downloading Source for C Programmer's Guide To Serial Communications

This page contains instructions for obtaining CPGSCPWD.EXE, the self-extracting archive file containing the sources to "C Programmer's Guide To Serial Communications," by Joe Campbell.


Before placing your order, it is only fair that you understand exactly what you are buying. This code is offered merely as a pedagogical accompaniment to my book, ostensibly to save the reader typing effort. It is not intended as a commercial product. I don't claim that the code is fit for any purpose, I don't maintain a programming staff, and I do not support it in any way. As a matter of fact, I haven't even looked at this code in since 1997, so it probably won't build on today's compilers without some savvy and tweaking on your part.

In other words, if you need a bullet-proof package complete with technical support, please do not order this code. If you do order it, then find that it doesn't meet your expectations, don't bother to ask for a refund.

Feel free to send email concerning your order, licensing, and so forth, but please do not send technical questions or personal email.

How to Order

The source code is provided in a self-extracting archive file. Payment ($35) is made electronically via PayPal, a secure online billing system used by millions of buyers on auction sites, including Ebay and Yahoo. After providing electronic payment, you'll be returned to this web site to obtain the password to the file.

Here are the steps:

1. Download the source code CPGSPWD.EXE.

2. Click this button to pay by credit card. (Sorry, no other form of payment is accepted.)

3. Read the installation instructions carefully. These instructions give you the syntax for using the password and command-line switches for building the programming environment. Trust me...don't even think of trying to use the code without the instructions (hint: the instructions contain a simple step without which the MAKE files won't work.)


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