The Potent Pachyderm


An impotent man undergoes radically experimental surgery where tissue from an elephant's trunk is grafted onto the dorsal side of his penis. The procedure is so wildly successsful that he is soon confident in recommencing his love life.

He takes his first date--a lovely, buxom woman--to an intimate dinner. As she leans over to fetch an item from her purse, she unintentionally provides him with a brief glimpse of her succulent breasts. As they make eye contact, he immediately becomes aroused. To his astonishment, his penis unzips his trousers, reaches up to the table top, grabs a dinner roll, then disappears into his trousers and rezips them.

Dumbstruck, he apologizes profusely, begs his date's forgiveness and promises not to let it happen again. "On the contrary," replies his date, "I found it a matter of fact, I'd like to see it again."

"I'd love to," he replied, "but I don't think my butt can stand another dinner roll!"

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