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IFR Diary

Diary of an IFR Ticket

Joe Campbell 1993-2004
     This is an account of how I earned my instrument rating by flying
     52 hours in 18 days spread over three weeks in 1993. 

     The vitals:
                            Age: 49 (as of date of checkride)
                     Total time: 350 hrs, all SEL
                     Instructor: Charles Harris, (415) 269-2520
                      Aircraft: Grumman Tiger (AA5/R)
                      Home base: HWD (Hayward, CA)
                ATC Environment: SFO Class B, Oakland, San Jose,
                                 Monterey Class C.

Table of Contents

     Prolog Mountebank or messiah?
     Day 1 	Lesson One  
     Day 2 	Holds
     Day 3 	Silent, on a Peak in Darien 
     Day 4 	The First Day I Died
     Day 5 	Attitude Problems
     Day 6 	Party Hats All Around
     Day 7 	Gunslingers in the Sky
     Day 8 	"Knock, Knock"
     Day 9 	Quo Vadis?
     Day 10 The Willing Suspension of Disbelief
     Day 11 If Thine Eye Offends Thee...
     Day 12 Dogpatch Traffic...
     Day 13 A Bump in the Road
     Day 14	Keepin' Sharp
     Day 15	Polishing
     Day 16	Scooting Around the Sky
     Day 17	Stage Check
     Day 18	Check Ride 
     Epilog Ticket's wet!

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