Joe Campbell's Airplane Stuff


Here's a copy of my IFR Diary, the story of how I got my instrument
      rating in just a couple of weeks.

Here's my paper giving a new way to view VOR navigation.
     (Contains an example of the "let your fingers do the walking"
     technique mentioned in the IFR Diary.)

5-12-2004Why I'm no longer a member of the Grumman Gang community.

5-12-2004A Dangerous Flaw in the Electronic International's FP-5 User Interface.

3-1-2005The four forces at work on an airplane in flight.

8-20-2005An amazing lenticular (ACSL) over Mauna Kea, Hawaii.

Cross-country fuel management by intentionally running a tank dry.

Fuses vs Circuit Breakers: Some Hard Fact.

The Iceman Cometh, how I got my new instrument rating "icy" and lived to tell about it.

The Possible 'Impossible' Turn is a technical study that contradicts
    everything that you've been taught about trying to return to the airport
    after an engine failure on takeoff. The author is David F. Rogers
    of the United States Naval Academy. (PDF, 251KB)

Does the canopy rattle on your Tiger/Cheetah? Got air leaks
     around the turtle deck? Try this technique instead of those
     useless canopy seals.

What's a Form 337? What does PMA mean? Check out this backgrounder.

My Forms 337.

Here's a no-drip method for changing the oil and filter in a Tiger/Cheetah.

3-20-2004The wiring diagram for 78-79 Tiger (thanks to Gary Vogt of Aucountry Aviation)

Here's the infamous Lycoming SB 388-B, the "Valve  Wobble Test."
     The zip file contains twelve scanned pages in JPEG format. (727KB)

Here's a procedure for swinging a compass when no compass
    rose is available. Microsoft Word file. (23KB)

The aftermath of hand-propping an aircraft.

Slow-motion film clip of an aircraft going supersonic just above a
      carrier deck. Note the vapor caused by air compression.
      (1.3 Mb--replay if first play is jerky.)     

Video clip of a hairy landing of a 747 at Kai Tak airport at Hong Kong. (890 Kb)

Excellent quotations and quips about aviation.

Humorous repartee on a squawk sheet.

How to Interpret Airplane Condition Ratings.

Physicist John Denker's book, See How It Flies. Required reading
      for every pilot, regardless of experience. The entire book is online.

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