Department of Redundancy Department

We're all guilty of using silly inanities, so yours to me.

  Added bonus Exactly right    Closed fist
  Future potential   Inner core   Money-back refund
  Seeing the sights   True fact   Revert back
  Safe haven   Prior history   Young children
  Time period   Sum total   End result
  Temper tantrum   Ferry boat   Free gift
  Bare naked   Combined total   Unique individual
  Potential hazard   Joint cooperation   Total abstinence
  Subject matter   Honest truth   Join together
  General public   Execution-style killing   Harbinger of things to come
  Audible gasp   Advance warning   New initiative
  Future plans   Gather together   Jewish synagogue
  Lag behind   Manual dexterity   Occasional irregularity
  Outer rim   Plan ahead   Basic fundamentals
  First time ever   Personal friend   Shrug one's shoulders
  Bond together   Close proximity   ATM machine
  PIN number   Coequal   Common bond
  Small minority   Serious crisis   Personal belongings
  Security guard   Time clock   Foreign imports
  Exact same   Continue on   Focus in
  Convicted felon   Past experience   Consensus of opinion
  Finished product   School teacher   Linger on
  Free Gift Hot-water heater  First introduced 
  Easter Sunday    
  Gratuitous Gratuitous sex   Sex

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