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6-11-97 Plain Old Jokes An entire directory of jokes. 
  6-11-97 The Old Negro Space Program.  "A film not by Ken Burns."


6-11-97 The Housing Market in SF Bay area.
  2-28-04 You might be an Okie if...  
  2-28-04 A gallery of amusing billboards.  
2-15-04 Contents of Major Kong's survival kit (from Kubrick's Dr. Strangelove)
5-16-03 Diamonds Are a Guy's Best Friend.
6-11-97 Yet another spoof of MasterCards' "Priceless" commercials.
(video .asf: about 2MB )
6-11-97 A wonderful soft-core spoof of Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon.
(video MPEG: 18.2MB )
6-11-97 Can anyone possibly be this gullible? 
(audio .asf: 600K) 
6-11-97 If Lincoln had used PowerPoint at Gettysburg. After visiting the website, download the PowerPoint deck. 
6-11-97 Physiology of the teenage male brain.
6-11-97 Catholic Church Disenfranchizes the Meek
6-11-97 Dog Haiku
6-11-97 European men: compare and contrast with American men.
6-11-97 Problem report on 'Girlfriend 1.0' software.
6-11-97 Are you a man or a guy? Take the Guy Test.
6-11-97 Are you a man or a guy? The ManTest.
6-11-97 Bill and Hillary: It Takes a Village
6-11-97 Notorious B.I.G Rap Lyrics Rendered into Standard English
6-11-97 Advice for the Pregnant Couple.  Excellent prenatal advice for naive parents-to-be.
6-11-97 25 things I have learned in 50 years (Dave Barry)
6-11-97 Dictionary Play: define existing words
6-11-97 Dictionary Play: morph existing words into a new ones
6-11-97 Script of the "Bloody Peasant" scene from Monty Python and the Holy Grail
6-11-97 Women's 50 Rules for Men
6-11-97 Men's 25 Rules for Women
6-11-97 Department of Redundancy Department.  Are you guilty of these?
6-11-97 Children's View of Music.  From the Missouri School Music Newsletter.
6-11-97 The results of a boy-girl team writing assignment in a Creative Writing class at Southern Methodist University.
6-11-97 A fly on the wall.
6-11-97 Students at Risk: Responses from Genuine Students to Genuine College Instructors.
6-11-97 The winners of the "Worst Analogies Ever Written in a High School Essay" contest run by the Washington Post.

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